Geralt, Ciri and Kaer Morchen in new footage from the second season of ‘The Witcher’

Netflix has presented a whole set of different footage from the first episodes of the second season of The Witcher, where you can see the main characters of the story and the Kaer Morchen Fortress. Geralt & Cyri (1 episode) Tisaya & Wilgefortz (1 episode) Yennefer & Sorceress (2 episode) Geralt & Cyri in Kaer Morchen (2 episode) Cyri & Triss (5 episode) โ€œThe Witcher& raquo; will take place on Netflix on December 17 More at Gambling Addiction Ikumi Nakamura is working on a new project with the creators of Paradise Killer Windjammers 2 authors introduced the gardener and king In the new Nobody Saves the World trailer talked about skills, customization and multiplayer.