Geralt collided with a huge centipede in the second season of The Witcher

The authors of The Witcher Netflix presented a new excerpt from the second season in which Geralt faced a local variant of Scolopendromorph. This is a huge clipede that is actively trying to finish off the main character – Geralt uses the Quen sign as a defense, forming a shield. His sword, too, seems to be prepared for a fight.

However, the monster eventually gets distracted by something else and runs away. Such monsters were also encountered in the game series โ€” in particular, they could be fought in the first and third installments.

In addition, the creature was mentioned in the Sword of Destination when Geralt defended Cyri. The second season of The Witcher will premiere on December 17 โ€” by the way, the filming of the prequel series has recently ended.

New monsters await. Are you ready? โš”๏ธ Meet.

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