Gerbrands is grateful to Van Raaij: ‘Should be football capital of the Netherlands’

In the Netherlands, reports are responded to the death of PSV icon Harry van Raaij (84). Toon Gerbrands, the general manager of the Eindhoven club, indicates that PSV owes a lot to Van Raaij.

โ€œYoull see how big and important he was on a day like today,โ€ says Gerbrands in front of the FOX Sports camera. โ€œIt really is an icon. He really put the club on the map at a certain stage. He thought this should be the football capital of the Netherlands. Of course, you get a lot of criticism from other parts of the country, if you start shouting that.โ€
โ€œThat was his vision, his idea, and that was what he stood for,โ€ continues the Managing Director. โ€œHe didn
t care at all what people thought about it. He put PSV on that next floor, at the top two clubs were in right now. This is thanks to Harry van Raaijโ€, Gerbrands is grateful.

According to Toon Gerbrands @PSV owes a lot to Harry van Raaij รโ„ข He has put PSV among the top two clubsโ€
โ€” FOX Sports (@FOXSportsnl) November 16, 2020