Gerechtshof looks at coronalied Lex Gaarthuis

The court in Amsterdam is looking at whether Radio 10-dj Lex Gaarthuis should still be prosecuted for his carnival song Preventing is better than Chinese about the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, a hearing is scheduled in which a collective that objected to the decision of the Public Prosecutors Office not to prosecute Gaarthuis, can make its redress. The organisations, including Asian Raisins and Pan Asian Collective, had started an article 12 procedure in August. โ€œWe are happy to have the opportunity to show that this song crosses a border and has hurt many people. That not every joke is fun,โ€ says Hui-Hui Pan from Pan Asian Collective.

Last February, Gaarthuis played the song in question on the radio, in which he blamed Chinese for the coronavirus. Police and Discrimination Discrimination have received thousands of reports about the song. The DJ quickly returned to his action. He apologized, went deep through the dust and looked for the Chinese community for a โ€œconstructive conversation.โ€

The prosecution did not go to prosecution because the coronalied had to be interpreted satirically. Justice also took note that Gaarthuis had apologized and wanted to talk to the organisations involved. โ€œFrom his actions and wording, the OM points out that the radio DJ is aware of the negative impact of the coronalied and its injury.โ€