German church seeks solution after riot about neo-Nazi in Jewish grave

The Protestant Church in Germany is looking for a solution after all the fuss about a neo-Nazi buried in the ancient tomb of a Jewish scientist. The holocaust denier urn may be removed from the grave near Berlin and reburied elsewhere. It may also be that the Jewish scientist‘s tombstone may be moved to keep commemorating and honoring it.

The reburied of the urn โ€œis one of the ideas to make up for what cannot be made up for,โ€ said a church spokesman. The neo-Nazi was buried last Friday at the Sรผdwestkirchhof cemetery in Stahnsdorf, southwest of Berlin, in the old tomb of musicologist Max Friedlaender, deceased in 1934.

Friedlaender was a Protestant of Jewish descent. His grave was released for a new dead in 1980, but the monumental tombstone remained standing.

The German Government’s anti-Semitism Commissioner spoke of โ€œa very unfortunate mistake.โ€