German fans take the spotlight: ‘15,000 dead before the big stage’

Supporters of Germany have made themselves heard in the duel with Italy. On the long side of the stadium was a large banner with a text directed against FIFA and Qatar. They hope that the World Cup in Qatar will be boycotted.
15,000 dead in front of the big stage, but FIFA and co. dont want to know. Boycott Qatar!โ€ as you can read on the banner. According to reports from Germany, the supporters left the stadium and arrested immediately afterwards.
It is certainly not the first time that FIFA and Qatar have endured hard in the run-up to the World Cup. Ever since it was known where it is held, the tournament has been surrounded by controversy. And then controversy may still be weakly expressed. There have already been calls for a boycott several times.
The English quality newspaper The Guardian announced almost a year and a half ago that 6,500 deaths occurred in the construction of stadiums and the number has increased considerably, although organizations involved claim that conditions have improved considerably in the meantime.
The Dutch team plays against Senegal, Wales and Ecuador in the group stage of the World Cup.

โ€œ15,000 dead for the big stage – FIFA and co. dont want to know. Boycott Qatar!โ€ Big banner held up here by German fans as Germany-Italy gets under way.
โ€” Archie Rhind-Tutt (@archiert1) June 14, 2022