German government crowns banker coronaheld

A remarkable campaign video from the German government has emerged in the fight against the coronavirus. The humble couch potato is praised in the ironic spot of one and a half minutes for its contribution to combating the spread of the virus.

The video was posted online last Saturday. In the picture appears an elderly man who thinks back to the winter of the year 2020, telling about his time as a 22-year-old tech student. โ€œAn invisible danger threatened everything we loved,โ€ says the grey man, while an exciting music sounds in the background. โ€œSuddenly the fate of this country was in our hands. And so we gathered all our courage and did what was expected of us, the only right thing. Nothingโ€, it sounds resolute.

โ€œ Days and nights we lay at home on the couch fighting against the spread of the coronavirus,โ€ continues the narrator. โ€œOur bank was the front line, and our patience was our weapon.โ€

The campaign video ends with the governments message that โ€œyou too can become a hero by staying at home.โ€

Text continues under the video

Measures Germany introduced

more restrictions at the beginning of this month to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Restaurants, pubs, museums, theme parks and gyms are closed. It is also possible to meet in the public space with one other family or with a maximum of 10 people.