German government makes no exception: Liverpool is not welcome in Leipzig

The selection of Liverpool is not allowed in Germany, so the Champions League match against RB Leipzig is not played in Leipzig. It is now up to the Bundesliga Club to provide an alternative.

Thats what German media report. Leipzig asked the German authorities for an exception earlier this week for Liverpool, but did not receive it. It has everything to do with the coronavirus outbreak in England. As a result, Germany is subject to a no-fly flight for travellers coming from the United Kingdom.
The ball is now at Leipzig. If the club cannot let the match play, a regulatory 3-0 defeat follows. As a club playing at home, Leipzig bears not only the responsibility, but also the extra costs it entails.
The competition between Liverpool and Leipzig will be scheduled for February 16. The return is two weeks later. According to BILD, postponing is an option, but that is practically impossible because of the overcrowded schedule. Option two is to have the first game played at Anfield, but that involves additional risks. There is a good chance that the no-fly zone (which is now in force until 17 February) will be extended and Leipzig would not be able to return. Option three is playing on neutral ground.