German Greens want ban on building own house

People who dream of a detached house are disappointed by the German Greens. This environmental party, which is high in the polls, wants to ban citizens from building their own homes. It would be bad for the environment.


has already been banned in the metropolis of Hamburg, when a local driver pulled a thick line through ‘housey-tree-beest’. Citizens, builders and politicians are now pulling leather against the Greens. But they say very nicely: โ€œBecause of the housing shortage, we want housing for the majority, rather than for a minority.โ€


With this slogan, the long-haired group chairman Anton Hofreiter threw the bat in the fowl in magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ and defended his crusade against single-family homes. โ€œThat takes too much space, too much building material, too much energy, and too much traffic.โ€

But the fact is that most Germans do not prefer to live in an apartment. According to the youth movement ‘Friday for Future’, the number of square meters of living space per citizen can no longer increase to meet the climate requirements of Paris.


De Groenen dream of high flats, with less energy consumption than detached houses. But their constituents do not live in the socialist silo districts of the former GDR, or the colossi of western Germany. Previously, their electorate lives in spacious centre apartments from the Imperial Age or spacious city villas. โ€œThe Greens are the party of urban better-earners,โ€ says author Gerhard Matzig in the Sรผddeutsche Zeitung.

Curiously, most people in the largest EU Member State live in the German countryside, with seas of space and millions of vacant dwellings. Tens of thousands of Dutch people have already crossed the border, looking for cheaper and more spacious houses. But in the vicinity of major cities, prices are also rising in the Federal Republic. Hofreiter: โ€œIn Hamburg, a detached house already costs 800,000 euros.โ€