German hooligans belagen cafรฉ in Antwerp: 100 arrests

The Belgian police arrested about a hundred Germans after disturbances broke out in Antwerp in the run-up to a football match. Hooligans of the German club Eintracht Frankfurt attacked a supporters cafรฉ in Deurne district, according to the local newspaper Gazet of Antwerp.

More than 300 Germans went to the cafรฉ in the afternoon. The police ripped out with a lot of manpower and could prevent the hooligans from entering the catering business. โ€œGlass has been killed on the terrace and everything has been thrown,โ€ the newspaper quotes from a police statement. Detainees have been transferred by bus to a cell complex and will not be released until the race between Eintracht Frankfurt and Royal Antwerp FC in the Europa League group stage.

According to broadcaster VRT, police expressed the hope that the evening will be quiet, but stressed that they are ready for disturbances. There are two water cannons in Deurne and a helicopter is deployed. โ€œWe are vigilant and prepared for all kinds of scenarios,โ€ says a spokesman. โ€œWe will continue to be present throughout the game and long after the game.โ€