German IS woman gets 10 years in prison, including dead jezidi girl

In Germany, IS returner Jennifer W. has been sentenced to ten years in prison. The Munich court sentenced her for membership in a terrorist organization, complicity to murder, attempted war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The 30-year-old Lohne woman was accused, among other things, of watching when her then-husband โ€” who is on trial in Frankfurt am Main โ€” killed a 5-year-old Jezidi girl. He had her tied up in a courtyard, where he made the preschooler die of thirst in the scorching sun.

W. previously stated that she had traveled to Iraq for ideological reasons in 2014 to marry an IS fighter. The girl, according to her, was killed a year later by her husband, presumably as punishment because the child had urinated her bed. According to his own words, the German couldnt do anything against the penalty.

Sharia Police

The case against Jennifer W. was big news in April 2019. Yazda called the trial in Munich at the time the first trial for crimes against the religious minority by a member of the terror movement IS. Nadia Murad, a well-known Jezidi activist who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, also emphasized the great importance of the matter.

During the trial, W. previously confessed, among other things, that she had been a member of the Hisbah, the dreaded Sharia Police of IS in Iraq. The woman from Lower Saxony, who grew up in a Protestant family and converted to Islam in 2013, took part in armed patrols in Fallujah and Mosul to control women for moral behavior.

W. himself stressed in court today that there were still doubts about the precise crimes she committed, but that the court did not take that into account in the judgment. She believes that this condemnation sets an example and says that it should clearly be dealt with for all the injustice committed under terror movement IS.