German journalist who smeared mud in face only behind the scenes

A German journalist who infused himself with mud after the heavy floods in Germany is only allowed to work behind the scenes for the time being. Susanne Ohlen tried to make the coverage more ‘authentic’ with her action last July.

Ohlen reported from the German city of Bad Mรผnstereifel, where dozens of deaths were killed by extreme rainfall at the end of July. A passers-by saw how the presenter of ‘Guten Morgen Deutschland’ just before the broadcast was soon smeared her clothes and face with mud. The footage was posted online and went viral in no time.

Not much later Ohlen announced in a statement on Instagram that she had made a โ€œserious mistake.โ€ โ€œAs a journalist, I should never have done this,โ€ she wrote. She said she had helped people affected by the floods in the days before. โ€œI was uncomfortable showing up in clean clothes in front of the camera. That made me smear mud on my clothes without a second thought.โ€


The journalist was immediately suspended, but is now allowed to get back to work. That‘s what the German newspaper Bild reports. Ohlen won’t be reporting live though. The journalist will work behind the scenes as an editor planner.