German operator still dies due to falling branch in severe weather

A 50-year-old operator died in Germany as a result of a falling branch during the storm that swept across Europe yesterday.

The operator had stopped his train near Templin, north of Berlin. There he helped a colleague clean up branches that had hit the track, police report. He was hit by a falling branch and was severely injured. The man died in hospital today.

The storm also led to death and nuisance in other countries. Four people were killed in Poland, and buildings were damaged in France and Belgium. The Netherlands also had to deal with heavy gusts of wind. As a result, many flights at Schiphol were cancelled or delayed and rail traffic was mainly disrupted in the morning.


There were also several windhouses. Most of the damage was done in a residential area in Barendrecht. Four people were injured, one of whom had to go to the hospital. At a campsite in Zelhem, a windhouse damaged trees, caravans and chalets.

An overview of the damage in the Netherlands and abroad (swipe):