German operators lay down work, third rail strike in a short time

German operators resign the work due to a wage conflict with their employer, the Deutsche Bahn. It is the third strike of train drivers in a short period of time. Yesterday afternoon freight train operators put down the work, and last night passenger train staff followed.

Train passengers have to consider significant delays until Tuesday morning. The Deutsche Bahn has announced that it operates about a quarter of its regular schedule. In regional transport, approximately 40 percent of trains run.

Rail traffic from the Netherlands is also disrupted by the strike. For example, the international train runs to Berlin but up to Bad Bentheim, just across the border near Enschede. The train between Amsterdam and Basel goes to Cologne.

With the strike, operator union GDL aims to force a higher salary, as well as better working conditions and a 600 euro corona bonus. The Deutsche Bahn has now made an offer to the union, including that bonus and a raise. However, the two sides do not work out among themselves, especially because they disagree on when those salary increases are introduced.

Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will go to court to ban the strikes.