German police discovered over 1600 suspects child pornography

The German police have traced over 1600 suspects who massively shared child pornography in chat groups. Most come from Germany, others come from Switzerland, Austria, France and the United States. There are also many minors among them, according to the police of the southern German state of Bavaria.

The suspects could be identified after experts followed the exchange of photos and videos for months. Meanwhile, the prosecutors office examined the file in the form of several hundreds of thousands of A4 pages in 21 large moving boxes. The suspects are reportedly risking a term of at least one year in prison.

Apart from people with paedophile tendencies, it is often children and young people who transmit such material in group chats and are so punishable, according to a judicial spokesperson. Police found not only child pornography, but also animal pornography and recordings that glorify violence or are inflammatory.