German police intervene in looting after floods

In Stolberg (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany, the flood is used to loot. Multiple witnesses have reported to the police who saw people in flooded stores, news magazine Focus. Officers arrested a suspect in a jewelry store. Meanwhile, the flood death toll continues to expand.

At a supermarket and drugstore, people fleeed as agents approached. The police can‘t tell if they stole anything too. Police have now sent a hundred men to the congregation to protect abandoned homes and businesses from looters.

At least 33 people were killed by the weather in western Germany. Rain and floods have collapsed houses and municipalities cut off from the outside world. The Ahrweiler area in Rhineland-Palatinate is particularly hard hit. At least six homes were destroyed in the place of Debt and died according to Bild newspaper at least 18 people.

The Rhineland-Palatinate authorities say that 50 to 70 more people are missing in the disaster area. State Prime Minister Malu Dreyer said in the regional parliament that the scale of the disaster is unprecedented. โ€œWe’ve never seen anything like that,โ€ the Prime Minister said. โ€œThere are deaths, there are missing people, and a lot of people are in danger.โ€ In neighbouring North Rhine-Westphalia, region Prime Minister Armin Laschet visited Altena, where a 46-year-old firefighter died during a rescue operation.

The heavy rains also caused flooding in cities such as Cologne and Hagen. In Leverkusen, a hospital had to be evacuated and basements were flooded in Wuppertal. Network operator Westnetz reported that around 200,000 households are out of power in the west of the country.

Not only in Ahrweiler did a lot of victims. The district of Euskirchen reported eight deaths. Also, people died in flunded cellars and at least two firefighters died during rescue operations.

Emergency services are supported by hundreds of military personnel. The armed forces deployed armored vehicles to clear roads blocked by landslides and fallen trees. Authorities also fly helicopters to save people who have sought safe access on rooftops.

Chancellor Angela Merkel responded โ€œshockedโ€ to the disaster from the United States. She said to join the victims‘ next of kin and thanked the โ€œtirelessโ€ emergency services for their commitment.

Man (46)

The emergency weather also cost life to at least two firefighters, writes the Sรผddeutsche Zeitung. They were in the process of rescue work. This includes a 46-year-old man who was dragged by the water in Altena (North Rhine-Westphalia) Wednesday afternoon. A 52-year-old fire brigade employee died a few hours later.

Hundreds of thousands of households in western Germany without electricity

Certainly 200,000 households in western Germany are out of power due to the storm weather. Network Administrator Westnetz says repair teams cannot reach some power stations because roads are impassable. A number of unreachable installations are monitored with drones.

According to German media, the affected households are located in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate states. There, the heavy rainfall caused a lot of inconvenience and cost several people’s lives. โ€œWe‘ve deployed all the available people to resolve the situation,โ€ said a spokeswoman for Westnetz, Germany’s largest network administrator.

German soldiers support emergency services

The German forces have deployed hundreds of men to support emergency services after the heavy weather in western Germany. Fuchs type helicopters and armored transport vehicles are also being deployed, says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense in Berlin.

In North Rhine-Westphalia adjacent to the Netherlands, some 200 soldiers took action on Thursday morning. Rhineland-Palatinate State involved 70 men. They have large vehicles that allow them to reach municipalities cut off from the outside world by high tide.

Luxembourg Emergency Plan

The Luxembourg government has announced a contingency plan for heavy rains in the Benelux. All available emergency services in the country have been ripped out and help save people at risk and protect important infrastructure. Not everyone who asks for help can get help.

The Alzette river, which flows through capital Luxembourg, has been out of its banks according to local media. Authorities fear that the Moselle water level continues to rise until the weekend. This river threatens to theplace to flood Stadtbredimus too.

People have had to leave their homes in all sorts of places in the country and have blocked roads. For several municipalities, such as Mersch and Diekirch, code has been issued red. Residents have been asked to remove their vehicles from areas that are still in danger of flooding.