German priests bless relationships between homosexual believers

Catholic priests in Germany defy the Vatican this week by blessing same-sex relationships.

Pope Francis said in March that the blessing of homosexual bonds goes against the doctrine of faith. He has no objection to the civil marriage between two men or two women. There would therefore be no discrimination.

Liebe winned

Progressive priests in Germany disagree with that. The Liebe gewinnt-movement (love wins) of which they are part speaks of a โ€œslap in the face of people all over the worldโ€.


protest, they bless this week throughout Germany in about a hundred parishes relationship between same-sex Catholics. Thousands of priests and associates of the Catholic Church signed the petition calling on the Vatican to allow the blessing of such relations.

These believing couples are pleased with the blessing:

The German bishops are not happy about it. โ€œWe wonder if this is the right time,โ€ says the spokesman for the German Episcopal Conference. โ€œWe understand that there is a need for it, but to us it feels like a provocation, because in Germany we are in the middle of a theological discussion about reform of the church. We have to talk to each other first.โ€


Dutch gay couples can go to members of the Werkverband van catholic gay pastores to bless their relationship. After the Popes ruling in March, this announced that they would ignore the ban.

In a letter to the bishops and fellow pastores, they wrote: โ€œIf two people (two men, two women, wife and husband) wish to be a blessing to each other and their family members, we are prepared, at their request and after the usual careful preparation, to express this blessing about their relationship. to speakโ€.