“German scientists had to justify lockdown and increase fear.”

In Germany, a great deal of fuss has arisen over the great pressure that Chancellor Angela Merkels German government put on scientists to justify the hard lockdown and increase fear. The opposition in the Bundestag demands clarification.

The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag received official documents. This shows that in March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Internal Affairs asked scientists to outline the worst-case scenario in the spread of coronavirus. The Department of Conservative Minister Seehofer (CSU) has not yet responded.

He was worried about a speedy aversion to the lockdown. His Secretary of State had to create support for this plan. Mails were sent to various universities and scientific institutes to identify the most problematic situation. In this way, the repressive measures could be better planned.

Dramatic scenarios

Some scientific institutes suggested presenting the most dramatic scenarios at the possible mortality rate. This was twice as high as the death rate used by the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), the counterpart of the Dutch RIVM. If the government would do little, two-thirds of the population would get corona, had Merkel also predicted.

Four of the five patients who would end up in intensive care, according to Die Welt, would be rejected by the hospitals. This would lead to more than a million deaths. A year ago, it was called for a clear indication of the worst-case scenario.

Independent science

The Liberal Opposition Party FDP demands in the Parliamentary Committee all mails about the possible influence of independent scientists: If the impression arises that scientific results are ordered by politics, , then not only the independent science is damaged, but also the fact-based fight against the pandemic, said Peoples Representative Konstantin Kuhle.

The leader of the Socialists believes that the government has done a disservice to combat the pandemic. Science must advise politics, and in the crisis provide orientation and an independent judgment, says Dietmar Bartsch of the Left Party. That doesnt fit with pre-ordered opinions.

The Vice-President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Kubicki, went a step further. He compared the behaviour of the government of the long-standing CDU President Merkel with that of authoritarian states. Anyone who scares the people to push through political measures will put the axe in our democracy. Obviously, it is no longer a question of explaining empowered citizens political decisions based on facts, says Kubicki.