German songfestival singer can also be heard in Icelandic song

The German song festival entry Jendrik Sigwart can be heard during the upcoming edition not only during his own song but also when Iceland is the turn. The singer has secretly sung vocals for Daรฐi og Gagnamagniรฐ‘s song, as he reveals in a video on TikTok.

Frontman Daรฐi Freyr asked the audience’s help in making his new song festival song in January. He wanted to add a choir to it and enlisted the help of his followers on social media. Fans who wanted to participate could sing certain fragments themselves and send back their version.

Jendrik saw that call too and decided to join. โ€œSo now I have two chances that I can finally be heard in the winning Eurovision Song Festival song. Not only my own song but also in the song of Daรฐiโ€, he says laughing in the video. โ€œI‘m an evil genius!โ€

Daรฐi appreciates Jendrik’s action. โ€œHahaha love this!!โ€ , he writes on Twitter.