German Speed Devils Fallen Through Social Media Videos

Homemade videos of reckless driving are expensive to three German teenagers. They lost their cars and driving licences, among other things. Two alleged helpers have also been arrested. They took footage of themselves behind the wheel while they tapped top speeds.

The youngsters were very smug with their races on the road, at speeds of up to 300 km per hour, and posted videos of them on social media in March. However, the trio had not figured out that these images could strike back in their faces like a boomerang.

The suspects, all in the early twenties, from western Germany are suspected of organizing and participating in prohibited street races. When the police were on the sidewalk on Tuesday, they were allowed to hand in their cars and driving licences first, even though one of the cars turned out to have already been sold.

Sports cars

The suspects went ‘loose’ on the A46 near Dรผsseldorf in an Audi R8, a Mercedes AMG and a BMW M3. Another motorist saw them passing by side by side with three cars and filed a report. For example, they drove under a tunnel where up to 80 km per hour is allowed. โ€œThe drivers overtook each other and other drivers with dangerous and reckless maneuvers and disappeared at high speed,โ€ the witness statement said.

The German police then started an investigation and read camera footage. โ€œA social media analysis confirmed not only suspicion against the three main suspects but also against two possible supporters,โ€ a spokesperson says against the Rheinische Post. โ€œIn a selfie video, one of the drivers films themselves behind the wheel at 305 kilometers per hour.โ€ There is a limit of 120 kilometers per hour on that road.