German thief took off with 800,000 euros worth of gold bars from van

A thief in Bayreuth, Germany, in Bavaria, stole about 800,000 euros worth of gold bars from a van on Tuesday afternoon. The police have now released photos of the theft to track down the perpetrator.

The person – the images do not show whether it is a man or a woman – seems childishly easy to enter the white Mercedes Sprinter: he slides open the door and leaves shortly thereafter with about 12 kilos of gold on a hand-held hand truck. According to the police, no signs of breakage were found on the vehicle.

The police did not reveal why the gold was in the unguarded van or how it could be taken so easily. An APB only states that it concerns a transport vehicle belonging to a logistics company on an industrial site in Bayreuth.

The perpetrator is between 1.75 and 6 feet tall and wore jeans, a dark hoodie and a cap. He also had a face mask on. It is not known in which direction the person left. The police hope that witnesses can say more about the direction of escape and any accomplices.