German toddler at night alone on the way to nursery

A special adventure for German boy of three: he was found on the street in Stuttgart on Sunday night. A woman saw him sitting alone at a subway station at 2:15am mothers soul. She warned police when she noticed that there was no parent or supervisor nearby.

The little boy had a backpack with a lunch box. To the officers who took care of him, he said he was on his way to his daycare center. What his name was and where he lived, he didnt know how to tell. The police have therefore only accommodated him with urban childcare for so long.


7.40 a.m., a woman who lives close to the metro station reported that she was missing a lodge. She had put him to bed with her own child on Saturday night. But when she wanted to wake up the children the next morning, the lodge was gone.

It does not seem that the babyboys mother blames the nanny for anything: she picked her child up with the nanny on Sunday morning at childcare.