German training ship back to navy after 135 million refurbishment

The Gorch Fock training ship is back with the German Navy after a renovation of nearly six years that was more than ten times more expensive than pre-calculated. The cost ended up at 135 million euros, while it was set at EUR 10 million. The first ship builder went bankrupt by the project.

The 1958 three-master was taken to a shipbuilder for the renovation in December 2015. Due to the ever increasing cost, the shipyard eventually went bankrupt. The Lรผrssen company in Bremen took over the repair job and returned the ship to the Navy in Wilhelmshaven on Thursday. โ€œOur team and partners managed to breathe new life into this empty metal shell in less than two years. The Gorch Fock can sail again.โ€

The ship is now going back to its home port in Kiel, on the Baltic Sea.

Naval Academy students are trained on the ship. It is a replica of the prevalent Gorch Fock model from the 1930s, and after World War II, all training ships were seized by the Allies. This was Germanys first training ship after the war.