German vaccination worker filled syringes with saline

An employee of a German vaccination centre admitted that she filled six syringes with saline instead of PFIZER/BionTech corona vaccine. The woman had dropped a vial of vaccine fluid and wanted to cover it up in that way.

Saline is not harmful in small doses when injected, and there is no increased risk for people who received the injections, said Matthias Pultz, Head of Health Service in Lower Saxony.

The regional head of the relevant department in the district of Friesland, Sven Ambrosy, said he was deeply shocked by the news. Ambrosy announced that immediately the โ€œfour-eye principleโ€ was introduced when preparing the vaccination syringes.

โ€œ No one is left alone with the vaccines, so that nothing can be hidden anymore,โ€ says Ambrosy. The woman who went wrong is a professional nurse around 40 years old. The German Red Cross has announced that it will resign.

The police, after consulting the prosecutor, have opened an investigation to determine whether the incident could be construed as assault. The authorities are currently figuring out which people have received the salt injections and thus still need to get a real coronav vaccine.