Germans give corona rash within 40 minutes

Now that waiting times in the Netherlands for a corontest run up to many days, the German industrial superpower Bosch promises a test that delivers a result within 39 minutes.

In a competitive battle with other providers, this test time is constantly falling.

For example, the mobile test box the size of a PIN device from the major German supplier of diagnostic equipment and automotive components could, at 98% sensitivity airports, rule out whether someone has corona and can be boarded within an hour. The German watchdog for care supports the test.

The Bosch device, developed together with diagnostic company R-Biopharm, comes on the market alongside a series of other solutions where scientists express concerns about the reliability of the tests. Bosch has received permission for its rapid corontest from European regulators, as it reports on its website.

The American Abbott reported earlier to be able to deliver tests within fifteen minutes. But according to the FDA supervisor, that American test is missing an additional check that an active coronavirus could be missing. In the Netherlands, the company Sensitest announced on Monday a cotton swab test, which is less painful after a quarter of an hour. For the time being, this test is only available for healthcare professionals in the Netherlands.

At present


the device spits only one test at a time, from October Bosch says to market machines that can do five tests at a time. According to current tests, every device can handle 160 per day. That amount would increase afterwards.

Bosch refuses to report to the Financial Times how many machines it produces per day, since the beginning of this year it focuses on 1 million tests by the end of 2020.

In addition, Bosch expects it to accelerate the speed of the search for corona within a few weeks, up to under 39 minutes.

โ€œ The improved procedure developed by Bosch in collaboration with government agencies has the potential to become a gigantic help for a complex job,โ€ said the German Ministry of Health. Boschs device will be available on the market through partners Randox Laboratories in the UK, Aprimeo in Germany and Arrow Diagnostics in Italy.