Germany also extends lockdown until early March

The unpopular lockdown is extended in Germany until the beginning of March, the federal government decided in Berlin on Wednesday. Stores remain closed for a longer period of time. All the Lรคnder want to open primary schools like the Netherlands, but there is still a disagreement about the right time.

Chancellor Merkel was unable to align the sixteen Lรคnder. That is also difficult, because they are all responsible for education and can ignore the guidelines from Berlin. This autumn Merkel also wanted all schools to open again at the same time, but that was not feasible.


As a PhD physicist, Merkel wants the lockdown to last as long as possible, at least until mid-March. Overlying Lรคnder such as the East German Saxony, but also Schleswig-Holstein and the densely populated North Rhine-Westphalia want to open the schools as quickly as possible, so that pupils do not get too much behind, or tensions at home become too great.

The lockdown itself will be extended at least until March 7. As a doucer, Merkel agreed with the sixteen prime ministers that the citizens can be cut again from the beginning of March. Initially they wanted to have an end to the lockdown as fifty inhabitants per hundred thousand corona.

Meanwhile, this threshold has dropped to 35, and for full opening, 20 and 10 sick per hundred thousand are respectively the benchmark. Initially, only one customer in twenty square meters is allowed to buy. At present, Germany has 75 infected people per hundred thousand inhabitants, while our country has 140. Thus, Germany has almost twice less Covid 19-sick than the Netherlands.


in Germany is a lot of disgust against the Berlin rules. The catering industry is fiercely against a ‘permanent lockdown’, the farmers demonstrate every day with tractors for ministries and businesses and self-employed people complain that the financial aid of November and December has not yet arrived.

Another dispute arose over teachers and nursery staff. Some politicians felt that this social group should be pricked earlier than others.