Germany compensates energy companies for early closure of nuclear power plants

The German Government pays a total of EUR 2.4 billion to four energy companies to compensate for the early closure of nuclear power plants.

Germany wants to get rid of nuclear power by the end of next year. In order to achieve this, six nuclear power stations have to be closed before their original closing date. The companies behind those power stations have brought the German authorities to court because they are losing revenues due to the early closure.

The Swedish company Vattenfall receives 1.4 billion euros. The German company RWE receives 880 million euros and Enbw and EON/PreussenElektra distribute the remainder. In return, they pulled the plug from all the lawsuits they still had against the German government.

With the settlement comes to an end to long-standing lawsuits. A few months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, this month ten years ago, the German Government decided to abandon nuclear power. Since then, litigation has been carried out.