Germany eases rules with Christmas and New Years Eve, less fireworks

The German Government and the sixteen Lรคnder are going to ease the corona measures over the holidays. In December, the Germans will first have to count on an extension and possibly an increase in the current corona measures. It is therefore necessary to further reduce the number of new infections so that there is no contagion explosion during the holidays, according to the decision of the Lรคnder with Chancellor Merkel.

Up to five people from two households are now allowed to gather and from 23 December to 1 January this will be extended to 10 people in the immediate family or circle of friends, not including children under 14 years of age.

Fireworks ban on squares

During the New Year there will be fewer fireworks in Germany, since this year it is forbidden to fire fireworks on large squares and streets to prevent group formation. All the big fireworks shows have been canceled anyway because of corona.

Furthermore, the authorities call on the public not to fire fireworks at all this year, so as not to burden the hospitals in this coronatiy. No sales ban has been announced for fireworks.

End of decline

Today, the number of new infections in Germany increased considerably again by around 5000. This brought an end to a three-day reduction in the number of coronavirus cases. The number of corona deaths also increased sharply by 410 in the last 24 hours. In Germany, a total of 14,771 people died from covid-19.