Germany releases 100 million vaccine doses for other countries

Germany wants to make 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccines available for the international vaccination campaign this year. โ€œThats as much as we have currently administered in our home country,โ€ Health Minister Jens Spahn announced at a G20 meeting.

Germany wants to contribute to the 2022 goal of vaccinating at least 40% of the worlds population. Spahn said the pandemic wont be over until the virus has been defeated worldwide. He explained that otherwise there may be problems as new virus variants emerge.

The global approach to the pandemic is an important issue at the meeting of ministers of countries belonging to the Group of 20, which is made up of major industrialized countries and the EU. Demissionary Minister Hugo de Jonge represents the Netherlands at the meeting in Italy.

Prosperous countries are the leaders of vaccination worldwide. They buy vaccines directly or through the European Union from pharmaceuticals. Developing countries with less financial resources receive vaccines through the COVAX international initiative or direct donations from wealthier countries.