Germany suspects Russian scientist of espionage

German justice has arrested a Russian scientist who works at a university as research assistant in the Federal Republic and would spy for Russia. The man, Ilnoer N., was arrested on Friday, federal prosecutors reported in Karlsruhe Monday.

According to the prosecutors, Ilnoer N. passed on sensitive information to a member of the Russian Secret Service at least three times between October 2020 and June 2021. He would have received money for that every time. N. worked at the unnamed university in the Department of Natural Sciences and Technology.

Another espionage case

This espionage case is one of many cases in Europe. At the end of May, Italy dropped two more Russian diplomats out of the country. This happened after a captain from the Italian Navy leaked secret documents to an employee of the Russian embassy in exchange for money. The Italian naval worker has been arrested.

In December last year, two Russian diplomats had to leave the Netherlands because they were involved in espionage in the Dutch high-tech sector. The pair worked for the Foreign Intelligence Service SVR of Russia. According to the AIVD, the espionage case โ€œmost likelyโ€ caused damage to the organizations where the Russian informants were active. The Russians were interested in information about artificial intelligence, semiconductors and nanotechnology.