GetSufumaden bagel: Undying Moon out into early access

Konami and Studio GuruGuru released early access Steam action film with elements of bagel and metroiding GetSufumaden: Undying Moon. It is a sequel to the original Getsu Fuma Den, which came out in 1987 on Famicom. Action GetSufumaden: Undying Moon takes place in the world of dark fantasy, stylized as classic Japanese painting.

According to the plot, the seal on the gates of hell is thwarted, and all the demons are already here. And we have to go to the underworld and restore the order in it.

In the version of early access, eight levels are opened with numerous trials and bosses. The game supports 11 languages, but there is no Russian yet among them.

And buyers are given as a bonus artbook, soundtrack and original Getsu Fuma Den. The game receives mostly positive reviews on Steam: it is recommended by 74% of buyers.

In early access, the bagel is going to hold for about a year. And you can buy it for 465 rubles.

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