GGD goes by buses to low incentive neighborhoods

The Ministry of Health will go in a few weeks, when the work of the large GGD vaccination streets is pretty much on it, with bulletin boxes to provide information about vaccination against corona. Anyone who wants can get a shot right away. “You dont want white spots left on the map,” says a spokesperson.

How many bulletin boxes are deployed and where they are going is not clear yet. The Ministry is still on this in consultation with the GGDs, security regions and municipalities. It is also necessary to determine which vaccine the buses will go with. Janssen could be a logical choice, because it only needs to be pricked once.

The idea is to send the buses to places where RIVMs readiness of vaccination is low. For example, it concerns disadvantaged districts or Christian congregations.

GGD vaccination buses already run in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Friesland. This is done at the initiative of the GGD on the spot.

VWSs aim is that 85 percent of adults in the Netherlands will soon be pricked. Now the percentage of people who have already been vaccinated, or having an appointment, is around 84 percent.