GGD: half of the test sites will be full in the next few days

The waiting time for a coron test has increased to more than two days at half of all test sites. In 51 of the 98 locations there will be no more in the next 48 hours, reports GGD GHOR Nederland.

In five regions people can no longer be tested at all. These are the provinces of Flevoland, Friesland and Groningen and the regions Hollands Midden and Kennemerland.

these regions has only one test site left with a number of free spaces.

Shortage of test materials

The Municipal Health Service (GGD) says that there is sufficient staff available to carry out more tests, but that the Ministry of Health has asked not to scale up for the time being.

A further increase in the number of tests leads to too much pressure on the test laboratories, the Ministry fears. The laboratories now say they have to contend with large shortages of test materials.

Yesterday evening the Ministry of Health reported that test laboratories in regions where fewer tests are carried out have to hand over their materials to regions where there is more demand. As a result, waiting times for a test will increase even in regions where there were enough test materials.

This week some 25,000 people reported to the GGD every day for a test. Last week there were an average of 20,000. At the end of May, the Ministry, the Municipal Health Service and the laboratories said that 30,000 people could be tested daily from 1 June

Minister De Jonge has enlisted the help of German test labs.