GGD stops with second control call at contact examination

The GGD will no longer call close contacts of coronavirus patients halfway through the quarantine period to ask for complaints and to check if they comply with the quarantine. This will save the GGD hundreds of calls a day.

“In practice, contacts are not called until day three of the quarantine, because the quarantine period starts after the last contact with the patient,” says a spokesperson for the RIVM. “A second call would then be four days later and the last three days after that. That second moment is therefore of no added value to us.”

Extra work

Although registrations by the Municipal Health Service are lagging behind, the incomplete data from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) show that the number of source and contact surveys was probably around 4,000 last week. As a result, at least 7,000 to 8,000 contacts had to be phoned last week, about 1,000 per day. They now only need to be called twice, instead of three times.

The deletion of the call moment therefore has something pragmatic, acknowledged a spokesperson for the RIVM. “The GGD is already very busy with the source and contact research and this call was extra work. But if it was really crucial, we would have kept it in.”

Quarantine obligation

The deletion of an extra control moment follows a week after Minister De Jonge van Volksgezondheid’s plan to make quarantine compulsory for close contacts. “In recent weeks we have heard back from the Municipal Health Centres that people are not cooperating properly with the source and contact research,” De Jonge said about this. “We need to make it more compulsory.”

The plan for the obligation was withdrawn after a debate in the House of Representatives.