Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty in Epstein abuse case

Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty in New York on multiple charges in the abusive case surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. According to the jury, she helped him abuse girls, including by recruiting the victims.

The jury was deliberated for five days and considered Maxwell (60) guilty of five of the six charges. The penalty measure is determined later; it is expected that she will receive years of imprisonment.

In the case against Maxwell, four women gave testimony. They talked about the abuse in the 90s and 00s in Epstein homes in Florida, New York and New Mexico. 24 witnesses were also summoned who painted a picture of life in Epstein‘s villas.


The victims said Maxwell played a crucial role in enabling the abuse. She won their trust, promised them Epstein could make their dreams come true, and persuaded the girls to give massages to Epstein, after which sexual abuse continued.

Maxwell refused to speak in the case against her; she found that not necessary because the prosecutors, according to her, were unable to show that she is guilty.

Epstein himself committed suicide in prison in 2019, where he was in custody pending his trial. Maxwell was a partner of Epstein and they also had a love affair with each other years ago.

Maxwell’s lawyers had argued that their client is wrongly blamed. Because Epstein, โ€œthe real bad guyโ€, can no longer be prosecuted, Maxwell should be blamed.