Ghost Machines and Maniacs โ€” GTA Online Starts Halloween Celebration

Rockstar put on a spooky Halloween season at Grand Theft Auto Online. Along with the update, ghost cars, rabid maniacs, aliens arrive in Los Santos. This week, locals are being warned about UFOs โ€” spinning in the sky ships.

And on the roads of the city, ghost cars drive by themselves and terrorize passers-by. But its not all to attack โ€” there are crazed maniacs in the vicinity who attack victims unexpectedly.

Developers have brought back the Halloween modes of โ€œManiacโ€ for a while,โ€ Gameโ€ and โ€œThe Consenteesโ€ โ€” they rely on double rewards. And Alien Survival mode offers players to try on the role of an alien creature and fight an army of Earth opponents โ€” for double GTA $ and RP.

Also on This week you can get bonuses for business fights, a baseball bat T-shirt (in celebration of the 20th anniversary of GTA 3), free coloring and premium transportation, and more discounts. More on Gamemania Midnight Grove Event โ€” Halloween Celebration Starts in Dead by Daylight The Dark Pictures New Part of The Dark Pictures Anthology โ€” The Devil in Me Among Us will be on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14.