Ghostrunner proved more successful than the creators expected

Publishing house All in! Games and studio One More Level were making big plans for their action film Ghostrunner, he prophesied sales at the level of 400 thousand copies. Hopes have been fulfilled in two weeks, and the total circulation of the game has already exceeded 500 thousand. Excellent rated game its creators will continue to develop and expand.

In autumn 2020, it became known that Ghostrunner will be released this year on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, as a free update to the console versions. A large addition is also prepared for it.

In the far-reaching plans of the creators of the game – to achieve millions of copies, and in this they serve as an example of Green Hell. Survival authors made plans for a circulation of 300 thousand, but thanks to regular updates were able to bring it to one and a half million copies.

So far in December, Ghostrunner released a set of Winter Pack with a new equipment and “winter” levels of Dharma Tower. In addition, the free update added an ultra-rich mode of the new game, which you can start, saving all its improvements.

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