Ghostrunner will receive Project_Hel story expansion in January

Next month, Ghostrunner will receive a story expansion starring an antagonist from the main game โ€” an expansion called Project_Hel. Here players will act as Hel, one of the bosses original story. It will have its own development system designed to attract both new players and veterans.

In the Project_Hel plot, gamers will have to go through six missions and fight new enemies. This will be the biggest expansion for Ghostrunner.

In addition to the additional story, all players will soon be able to receive the free The Holiday Pack, which will be released on December 7. More at Halo Gambling Infinite, Among Us and โ€œAliensโ€ in the December selection of Xbox Game Pass Twitch will identify potential violators with machine learning The authors of the remake of โ€œGothicโ€ showed updated slider.