Ghosts and nightmares in new Dap adventure trailer

Australian two-person studio Melting Parrot has released a new gameplay trailer for Dap‘s upcoming adventure horror. It shows a study of a hostile and dangerous world, fights with living nightmares, as well as the mechanics of group survival. In Dap, players have to be conducted through a terrible world that does not forgive the mistake, the group tiny weak creatures, daps.

Alone they have no chance of surviving, but the bigger the group becomes, the stronger the squad becomes. Together they can both fight and solve puzzles.

The adventure is released on Steam in the third quarter of 2021, the exact release date yet to be named. But you can get to know the game using a free prologue.

It lasts about 15 minutes and allows a glimpse of an unusual world, experience an encounter with a nightmare, and see a few game mechanics. More on CCeit Ubisoft told details about โ€œRainbow Six Evacuationโ€ Humankind, Twelve Minutes, Naraka: Bladepoint and not only โ€” on Steam’s Fresh Far Cry 6 chart, Call of Duty Vanguard, Psychonauts 2 and not only โ€” in a fresh gamescom trailer.