Ghostwire: Tokyo visual prequel novel released on PS4 and PS5

Today, the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude – a free visual novel, which is a prequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo. will be available only on March 8. Another team worked on the novel, and the atmosphere is calmer.

Ghostwire: Tokyo — Prelude will give players a sense of the paranormal side of Tokyo and introduce players to key characters Stories. The events of the novel take place six months before Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The main character is K-K, a detective investigating a mysterious incident. Together with his team, he tries to find a missing friend, but instead stumbles upon something weirder and sinister.

Recall that in Ghostwire: Tokyo, K-K is also one of the main characters. The horror adventure itself is released on March 25 on PS5 and PC.

For pre-order, players will receive a stylish biker outfit and Hannya mask. More at Gambling Rumor: LEGO will release Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sea Forts and new Pirate Legends in preview of the sixth of Sea of Thieves Defeat Skyanids and Save the World — ELEX II released.