Giant heretic: Portuguese goalkeeper grabbles and collects Tadics goal

Dusan Tadic is important to Serbia again! The captain of Ajax and his country fired a shot from twenty metres towards the Portuguese goal of goalkeeper Rui Patrรญcio, who then does not look too best and sees the ball disappearing across the line. As a result, the Serbs arrive 1-1 in a swirling Estรกdio da Luz, where a World Cup ticket is at stake.
Earlier in the game, Nemanja Gudelj also failed. The Serbs defensive midfielder was trumped on his own half by Renato Sanches, who was simply fiercer and could walk through to make it 0-1.

Lightning start for Portugal! โšก๏ธ Renato Sanches punishes a gross error in the back of Serbia after just a minute and a half ๐Ÿ˜ณ #ZiggoSport #WCQ #PORSER
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) November 14, 2021