Giant Turtle amazes English: ‘A mystery’

A giant tortoise escaped last Friday in Kesgrave, England and could only be caught in the collar a kilometre further. Local residents, the owner and British media are amazed at the escape.

Titan, who with his 60 kilograms has an appropriate name, had to be dragged into a van by three police officers. After that, the animal was returned to its owner.

This Richard Aston calls the way Titan escaped, and the fact that he could get a mile away, โ€œa mystery.โ€ Titan had not broken out at all, writes the BBC. โ€œMaybe he was teleported,โ€ said Aston.


Aston freaked out when he got a call from the police. He wasn‘t home himself. But โ€œthere’s nothing to see, no broken fence, and he couldn‘t have jumped over it โ€” it’s a metre high,โ€ he responds.

The Sulcata turtle, which is 35 years old and about a meter long, was spotted by local residents on Friday. The police came to the scene and brought the animal back. Later, the police described the incident on social media under the hashtag #slowjustice.

Aston claims to have been overjoyed with the help of the police. The turtle is fine.