Gijp tips Ajax and Berghuis ahead of Classic: Fly to Tenerife

When it comes to Renรฉ van der Gijp, Steven Berghuis does not play The Classical between Feyenoord and Ajax on 19 December. Many Feyenoord supporters are ferocious because he switched to the Amsterdammers and even threatened him.
On December 19, both clubs meet in Rotterdam. Berghuis is also a birthday on that day. Van der Gijp does not dare and comes up with an alternative. โ€œI would not set up Berghuis near Feyenoord – Ajax,โ€ says Van der Gijp at Veronica Inside.
โ€œIts just about Steven Berghuis for five days. The whole Kuip is going crazy and everything is focused on Berghuis. That also shines on the other players. The pressure, the tension, all media violence… They have to say: fly to Tenerife and come back on Wednesday,โ€ he continues.
โ€œThe pressure isn
t comfortable for the other players either. That starts on the bus. Just set up Antony and youre done.โ€ Johan Derksen joins Van der Gijp. โ€œIts better if he doesnt play.