Gina Carano on Lucasfilm: “Im not the only one this company has mocked”

Portal Deadline presented previews of Gina Caranos interview about dismissal from Lucasfilm and Disney — she gave it to Ben Shapiro, with whom she is developing a new film. According to the actress, the whole situation was very unpleasant, but did not surprise her, because she has already seen examples of harassment within the firm before: Im not the only one that this company has mocked, which I am well aware of. I have a story that can change the attitude of the media, but I cant tell it because I dont want to betray a friend.

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Everyone is afraid to lose their job. Gina Karanocarano felt in advance that Disney and Lucasfilm were going to make some decision not in her favor.

So, a couple of weeks before the dismissal, the second firm asked one of the artists to remove her heroine, Kara Dune, from the image and replace her with another character, which was openly reported on Twitter. Actress confirmed past information that she found out about her dismissal through social media when her name hit Twitter trends with the hashtag Dismissed Jinukarano .

Later, Karano received an electronic a letter from a Disney employee that came to her in error. After she read it, a lot became clear.

At the same time, the actress had allies inside the studio. I know that some fought for me, in the end they failed to win.

Gina Karanokarano believes that now in the industry there is a practice of double standards, which depends on policy. According to her, in the process of filming her actions and words were actively monitored, while people of other views were not limited in any way.

But Carano wasnt going to adjust to the narrative, retract her comments and limit remarks on social media. She was always willing to let go of the Disney situation as she saw what was happening to other people on similar occasions.

But the actress was not intending to put up with it either. Better I lose fighting, staying true to my principals.

Gina Caranocarano was upset by the news of the dismissal, but much worse was the realization that this was happening to other people who did not can stand up for themselves the way she does. According to the actress, this is simply wrong, and if she had agreed to concessions, she would have taken an account of firms who are accustomed to lying.

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