Giraffes set up confiscated at trader in Brabant

Inspectors of the Dutch Food and Consumer Protection Authority (NVWA) have taken a number of stuffed animals and parts of animals into custody at a trader in Brabant, for which the man had no permit or exemption. These include 4 stuffed giraffes, 17 skulls, 23 femoral bones and 16 cervical vertebrae of giraffes, 6 skulls of nile crocodiles and 9 skins of injury bocks.

Thats what the NVWA reports on Facebook. Preparations are (parts of) dead animals that have been processed in such a way that they remain preserved, also known as set-up. Giraffes, nile crocodiles and injuries are protected animals. โ€œPreparations from these animals can only be sold or possessed if you can prove that you have arrived in a legal way. For example, because the animals were bred in captivity,โ€ the service writes.

The Dutch trader had bought the preparations from a trader in Belgium. He imported the preparations without an import licence. The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland examines the origin of the animals.