Girl (16) uses earplugs while phone is charging and being electrocuted

A 16-year-old girl was electrocuted when she listened to music through earplugs on her phone while the device was charging.

Thanyaluck Fai Phadasri was found dead on the bed in her parents house in northeast Thailand. She was discovered in the middle of her study books by her parents who wanted to tell her that the food was ready. Thanyaluck had burns on her arms and around her neck.

Her father tried to resuscitate her, but that turned out to be in vain. “My heart is broken. She loved school and went straight to her room every day when she was at home to do homework,” Thongchai told the Daily Mail. “We are so sad that she died on her own and there was nothing we could do to help her,” said Grandma Nookrai, who found the girl.

According to a policeman, the electric shock the girl received was so powerful that she could not survive the incident.