Girl (17) after 22 days of boat stopped

A 17-year-old girl from the African country of Côte dIvoire was taken off a boat by the Spanish Air Force at the end of April after 22 days. Aicha, as the girl is called, is, along with two others, the only survivor of the 59 passengers on the ship.

The boat floated about 500 kilometres below the Spanish island of Ferro. When the boat was spotted, a helicopter was sent immediately to rescue the three survivors.

Lieutenant Cristana Justo, in conversation with BBC, tells us that the three were physically in a bad state. They had dehydration symptoms.

Also Aicha shares her story with the channel: After two days on the boat we had no food and drink anymore.

On day four we ran out of fuel.

The wind and current hit the boat off the planned course. The teenager tells how she saw people around her quickly weaken. Eventually 56 passengers died.

Three weeks after the rescue, Aicha is fully recovered.