Girl (8) Chicago jumps out burning apartment on mattress

In Chicago on Friday, an eight-year-old girl escaped from a fire in the apartment where she lives with her brothers. The girl decided to jump from the burning apartment on a street mattress.

When the fire department arrived at the apartment, the girl‘s five-year-old brother was already ready to jump down. There was also a brother of two years old present. The fire department was able to bring the two to safety without having to make another bold leap, writes local medium Chicago Tribune.

At first it seemed that the girl had single-handedly thrown the mattress down. Later it turned out that an attentive neighbor had laid out the mattress to provide the children with a way out.

Not safe

According to Frank Velez, spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department, it’s not necessarily a safe idea to jump from three to three on a mattress. But in this case, he was glad that the girl took the leap. For adults and teenagers things could have turned out much worse, he opposes the Chicago Tribune. Her light weight has been her salvation. โ€œI would not recommend jumping down. But anyway, it was a resourceful idea in this case.โ€


The mother of the three children has been found and no charges have been filed against her, reports the Chicago Police Department. She was at work when the incident occurred and had asked a neighbor to look after the children. It is not clear whether this was also the person who finally laid down the mattress.

The children were unharmed after the jump, but had to be checked at the hospital for any damage caused by the inhalation of smoke in the house. Around noon the fire department got control of the fire. Research showed that the fire originated in the kitchen of the house.