Girl opens fire in high school Idaho

A student of a high school in the U.S. state of Idaho has opened fire on fellow students. Two kids and a janitor were injured before a teacher could disarm the girl.

The shooter, who would be around 12 years old, had taken the firearm in her backpack. At the beginning of the class day, she started shooting. Its not yet known what her motive is.

โ€œ We were in class with our teacher and suddenly we heard a loud bang, and then twice more. Then there was screaming,โ€ says a schoolmate. โ€œOur teacher went to look and saw blood lying down.โ€

Hit in limbs

The three victims were hit in limbs. None of them are in mortal danger. The 1500 students of high school have been given free to deal with the incident.

Shootings are more common in American schools, but in the state of Idaho they are rare: the last time a student fired a weapon in a school was in 1999, when one fellow student was injured by a ricochet bullet.