“Girlfriend Boris Johnson is a threat to democracy.”

Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson‘s fiancée, operates as a de facto chief of staff on 10 Downing Street. She fires opponents and takes on friends. As an unelected ‘shadow direction‘, Symonds is therefore a threat to democracy.

That says Nic Conner, who previously worked with Symonds during the Brexit campaign and is now involved as a researcher in the Bow Group, a conservative think tank that wants an independent investigation into the things and things of Symonds.

Conner emphasizes to the Daily Mail that he has no feelings of revenge and is not sexist. From the experience of working with Carrie Symonds, I am deeply concerned about every role she plays within the government, without authority and without accountability.

If what we hear is right, and I believe it, she works roughly as a chief of staff (chief of ministers, red.) That’s a serious concern. Carrie hasn‘t had a security investigation and is not answerable — to anyone. She can’t be fired or voted out. That is unconstitutional and it undermines British democracy.

Symonds vs. Cummings

The biggest victim of 10 Downing Street is Dominic Cummings, the former right-hand man of Boris Johnson who left after a conflict with Symonds. Communications chief Lee Cain followed soon afterwards. After his departure, the British newspapers already wrote about a ‘civil war’ in which Symonds, as a sort of Lady Macbeth, plays out different groups around the cabinet against each other.

It is whispered at the government offices that Symonds calls her beloved ’20 times a day’. According to the Bow Group, she had an important voice in the arrival of top official Nimco Ali, a well-known man. Others would also have been recruited at her request. There is no known partner of a prime minister who has ever been so closely involved in the course of events, says Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney. That is impossible to defend in a modern democracy, not even by calling the Bow Group sexist.

Michael Gove

The lack of clarity around the position and authority of Mrs. Symonds (…) poses a potential immense danger to the government, the Conservative Party, and the nation. The people are averse to nepotism, democracy in Britain is and must always be sacred, and no one should be involved in running our country without answering to the citizens.

By now, a new cabal of faithful has formed around Johnson with Symonds and Michael Gove as new leaders, including Symonds‘ friends Henry Newman and Baroness Finn, writes the Daily Mail. Brexit negotiator Lord Frost would have considered stopping, but was convinced to stay.

Just last Friday, the power struggle became clear again when Oliver Lewis, a member of Cummings, resigned as head of the Union Unit, allegedly following a conflict with Gove.

A spokesman for Symonds won’t comment.